Halloween Brings Thanksgiving-time Head Lice

Angie Anderson of Nitpickerz performs lice removal on girl's head

Angie Anderson, owner of Nitpickerz lice removal salon in Maplewood, is busy right now, following Halloween's inevitable lice-spreading boom.

"There's always a bit too many photos being taken with cute little heads touching each other" says Angie.

Sure enough, about one week after Halloween Nitpickerz' phones are ringing off the hook with frantic parents saying things like "Help we have head lice, my niece has it and I know she gave it to my three sons!"

Angie is great at calming down parents from her Maplewood, MN location on the phone, and in person.

"Parents want to be lice-free before they embark on any Thanksgiving travel, or or before any family comes to celebrate at their homes" she shared.

Nitpickerz lice removal service center with Angie Anderson posing

Of course, some parents did try to treat the head lice at home using over-the-counter lice shampoos, mostly with no luck. Angie has to tell the bad news that over-the-counter shampoo products are decreasing in their ability to kill off lice, because lice have become resistant to the dangerous pesticides that used to kill them.

"The thing that brings a huge smile and sense of relief to parents?" says Angie "Is that parents, when they leave Nitpickerz, know that they are rid of lice. They can tell their families that they all got treated by a professional lice removal center and there's no reason to not see each other at Thanksgiving."

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