Local Lice Removal Business NitPickerz Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary Of Providing Safe Pesticide-Free Treatments

Local Lice Removal Business Owners Angie & Tom

Angie Anderson & Tom McKay, the owners of Nitpickerz at 1714 Cope Avenue, Maplewood, MN, opened their doors in March 2015 following lice infestations in each of their own families and the realization that there was a huge need in the community for safe removal of lice- that doesn't harm people with pesticides. To celebrate, during the month of March, Nitpickerz is giving away a complimentary bottle of their Lice Repelling Mint Spray ($12.95 value) to each family that comes in for head lice removal treatments. "Business has been really amazing at Nitpickerz! It feels so good to be able to provide mothers with an alternative to the toxic over-the-counter lice treatments that actually are starting to not work. Lice are becoming immune. So the service we provide is very important not only to kids, but to the well-being of us mom's and our sanity!" says Angie with a smile.

Last October when a 10 year old girl came into Nitpickerz for a head lice removal treatment, Angie noticed the girl's hair felt stiff and oddly crunchy. "I asked what was in her hair. She said her mom had put over-the-counter lice killer on it an hour ago, but then decided to come into Nitpickerz, and they didn't wash it out," says Angie. "I ran to get a bottle of shampoo, scooped her up and took her to the sink to wash it all off her hair and scalp. While telling her mom 'you are only supposed to have those over-the-counter washes in for a maximum of 10 minutes!'"
Many people don't realize that over-the-counter lice killing treatments contain pyrethroid insecticide
 which is obviously toxic and being linked to causing some disorders in children. (See BMJ behavior disorders study) 

Learn more about Nitpickerz & all the great treatments they offer online at www.NitpickerzMn.com