Easy Way to Get Rid of Lice on Stuffed Animals

Toddler surrounded by stuffed animals

Some people toss their stuffed animals in the wash to remove any potential lice, but stuffed animals usually aren't washing-machine friendly and can come out a bit disfigured.

Here's what we here at Nitpickerz Lice Removal recommend doing instead:

  • Get plastic bags that you can tightly seal and easily fit your stuffed animals inside.
  • Place stuffed animals in bags and seal so no air is getting in. 
  • Keep sealed for a minimum of 24 hours. 

Fun fact- lice can't survive without a blood supply for about 24 hours, so rest assured, any lice that were on your stuffed animals won't have been able to survive.

For more lice removal tips check out our Lice FAQ webpage.

baby with stuffed animals surrounding him