4 Common Lies About Head Lice That You Probably Believe

Lice Myths
You've heard old wive's tales? We are sure you've even heard some of the false ones? Such as: "feed a fever, starve a cold" or "Never open the oven door while baking a souffle." These are both examples of fake sayings that aren't grounded in reality, but people just can't seem to help themselves from spreading them around.

Well, we here at Nitpickerz lice removal we hear the following "wives tales" about head lice often enough that we know people are actually believing them. So we hope to help set the record straight on these 4 falsehoods about head lice.

Myth 1: If your head doesn't itch, it's just dandruff

dandruff and lice

False! While itching is the most obvious sign of having lice, about 50% of people never itch. Why? It may because we itch due to an allergic reaction to the saliva that lice secrete when feeding, and we all may not be allergic. This saliva actually keeps our blood from clotting and therefore, makes it easier for lice to feed. It can take up to 2 weeks for enough saliva to build up in order to cause the itching. Therefore, by the time we even start feeling the itch, they have already been present for quite some time.

Myth 2: You can get rid of lice by swimming in a chlorine pool

chlorine kills lice myth

False! Oh! If only this were true! But no, it isn't. Lice have a hook on the end of their legs which they use to lock onto the hair shaft as they shut down their body systems (for up to 2 hours). This allows them to literally hang on for dear life. Also, even if you stayed in a pool for a few hours underwater, this wouldn't get rid of the eggs that haven't yet hatched on your head.

Myth 3: Someone who has lice lacks personal hygiene


False! Having head lice does not mean you have poor hygiene. Lice actually prefer a clean healthy head.

Myth 4: You can get lice from your pets


False! Your furry friends are actually safe from lice. Lice only feed on human blood. Lice only live on humans. They will not survive on your pets.

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Angie Anderson of Nitpickerz Lice Removal

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by Angie Anderson, owner of Nitpickerz lice removal salon, graduate of the Shepherd Institute