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scary lice fun facts for kids

Creepy crawling little creatures that suck human blood... Gross right?! It's enough to make the biggest, scariest monsters run & hide. Here's some fun facts about lice that might just make you realize how resilient the little bugs are and how you get rid of them.

Fun Lice Facts for Kids - Nitpickerz

Eeek! Head Lice Are Extremely Common

Did you know that each year in the USA, between 6 - 12 million kids between the ages 3-11, get lice?
Having head lice is one of the top reasons for children missing school, second only to the common cold. Lice nits have even been found on Egyptian mummies, and is even a plague listed in the Bible. So if you have lice, know that you are not alone. It's as common as getting a cold.

scary lice facts for kids - nitpickers

Gross! Lice Are Hard To Get Off Your Head

Lice are tiny! They are roughly the same size as an itty-bitty sesame seed. In addition to their small size, their eggs are attached to your head with a glue-like substance that's composed of materials similar to human hair, so many treatments designed to destroy the glue might also damage your hair. Be careful!
Even if you wash your hair for a long time, lice can survive underwater for several hours, all while using hooks on the ends of their legs to hold onto your hair. Not even shaving your head get rid of head lice because the nymphs (baby lice) can embed in the scalp and they will still develop into adult lice. In very extreme cases of lice infestation, they will get into your eyebrows and eyelashes.

lice saliva gross fun fact for kids - nitpickerz

Yuck! Lice Saliva Is What Makes Your Head Itchy

Your head itches because when lice bite your head they release saliva. This saliva actually makes it so your blood doesn't clot- which means the bite stays open so they can keep coming back to it and sucking the blood. Yuck!

lice scary fun fact for kids and parents - nitpickerzs

How Do Lice Spread? 

Lice cannot hop, jump, or fly. Whew! That's good news. The most common way they spread is through direct head-to-head contact with an infested person.
Oddly enough, the head louse can only prey on humans. Cats, dogs, and all other forms of animals are immune from the itchy little parasites.
Also, it's relaxing to know that lice are unable to live in your home environment (couch, carpet, furniture, pillow, sheets, mattress, car, movie theater, airplane). They will die in 24 hours of being off of your head. So if you can get them all off of your head, they will die in a day.
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scary fun facts about lice - nitpickers

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