5 Lice-free Tips For Kids - From The Professionals At Nitpickerz

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Avoiding lice is one of the best ways to keep the little pests from becoming an unwelcome guest on your scalp where they will literally spread like crazy if you let them. Take these steps to help you, your kids, and school friends avoid spreading lice.

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Don't Share Hair Accessories, Brushes, & Combs Unless They've Been Cleaned

It's like torture if you are having a bad hair day to not borrow a brush or comb to try and fix it, we don't recommend doing this though as this is so risky. Lice spread by contact, and brushes, combs, and anything that goes on someones head or in their hair is very high risk to have lice on it. We recommend using your own items- brush, hats, etc. Trust us, you'd rather have a little silly looking hair day, then have to get rid of a ton of gross lice crawling all over your scalp.

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Do Braids & Ponytails If Your Hair Is Long

This simply helps keep your hair closer to your head, which in turn helps to limit the chances of lice being able to grab onto your hair and crawl aboard your head.

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Don't Lean Your Head Close To Touch Anyone Else's Head In Photos

It's normal to want to look friendly and happy in photos and pictures with your friends. The thing is that lice spread by touch (they can't fly or jump) so the only way for them to get from one head to another head is if they can grab onto your hair. Which unfortunately happens a lot in selfie photos at school and events where friends are together.

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Use Peppermint Shampoo 

Lice don't like peppermint. When you use peppermint oil infused hair products, it does actually help to keep the lice away. Think of them as a sort of natural lice repellent. See our Peppermint Lice Shampoo 

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Don't Share Pillows and Blankets Unless They've Been Washed

If you, or someone you know has had lice, you shouldn't share their pillows or bedding until after those items have been washed and are lice-free. If you are going to a sleep-over, we recommend bringing your own blanket and pillow and not sharing them with anyone.

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If you find any signs of lice, come into Nitpickerz for our lice removal treatment.