Best Head Lice Removal Salon Serving Stillwater Minnesota

Stillwater mn lice removal salon

President and owner of Nitpickerz lice removal, Angie Anderson, is not only a resident of Stillwater, her business serves the community by providing great lice treatments too.

"We have people coming in from around Stillwater as it's so close to our location." Angie says, "A lot of people know me and always come to us if they are having problems with lice."

Nitpickerz also stays involved with the community. By supporting Stillwater's PTA groups and providing information and support to local school nurses, they really are helping local communities, like Stillwater, to fight against head lice and to stop infestations from spreading at public schools and summer camps.

They use safe, non-toxic methods to remove head lice from kids and adults. Treatments that can be time consuming because each nit and egg is removed strand-by-stand from an infected person's head, but the benefits are huge as people are not exposed to dangerous nervous-system-interacting chemicals. Also, because these treatments are natural, lice themselves do not build up a tolerance against them. Like they have been doing towards over-the-counter lice treatments of the past decade- which caused "super lice" to come about. You know, lice that can't be killed by the shampoos and such that are sold at drug stores.

Angie really knows lice, and is great at walking each family that comes through her doors through the entire process with having lice. Take a look online at some of the glowing reviews.

To make an appointment, call 651-236-8528 or online